Throwback to a holiday in Slovenia

End of June my boyfriend and me went to Slovenia for our first time. And boy, what an amazing time we had. The first word that came from my mouth our first hours in Slovenia was ‘magical‘. I felt like I was in the Beauty and the Beast film: lots of forests, small rivers, cute little towns and enough castles for you and me. Only Beauty and her Beast were missing. Being a Disney lover, you can imagine I was sold from the start. And everything is a stone’s throw away from each other… that is in kilometers – the mountain passes can take some more time to cross than first expected 😉

Kranjska Gora, Vrsic Pass

Why Slovenia?

We were interested in going to Slovenia for several years because friends and colleagues told us it is a must-visit. Our first proper introduction with Slovenia was at Countryside+ in 2015, a yearly lifestyle event in Flanders Expo, Ghent. Slovenia was the host country back then and some very friendly Slovenians gave us a lot of information. And yes, Slovenia did seem like a cool country: a true retreat for nature lovers but with an interesting history and culture to it.

After our trip to New Zealand last January we were not really sure what was next because we were so caught up with that trip for the past year. So we decided to visit the holiday expo in Brussels in February and gathered some more information on Slovenia. I guess we were pretty sure by then that this would be our next trip.

What to expect

As my intro suggests, Slovenia is very green. The country is covered with forests for 50 to 60%, which is quite impressive. There were some other things that struck me as well in the landscape of Slovenia:

  • Little white churches: it’s not that I have a special interest in churches but you really can’t miss them. Every small town (and hill) has at least one little white church. I think they are very pretty and not as bombastic as our churches in Belgium. They take part in the Slovenian landscape and I think that is why it makes them so beautiful as well. The tourist website of Slovenia has a web page dedicated to this part of the culture, in case you’re interested.
  • Hayracks: I feel you frowning… yes hayracks, or kozolec. And you spot them everywhere. When I saw my first I actually fell in love with them immediately! I would place one in my garden right away and grow some vines along the racks. Later I found out that hayracks in Slovenia are a national icon. Due to the Alpine climate, the ground in Slovenia can be quite damp sometimes. That is why Slovenians use these racks to dry their hay. The wind takes care of the rest.
  • Beehive houses: I could not help but notice the beautiful, colourful beehive houses around the country. Several beehives stay in small houses or even in small trucks every once and a while. Again, you see them everywhere and apparently beekeeping has been part of Slovenian agriculture for many centuries. As an aspiring beekeeper I wanted to visit one naturally and, fortunate as we were, our B&B had one 😉

Little white church in Kranj

Beehives at Zelinc Tourist Farm
But that is not all of course. Slovenia has the great capital Ljubljana, the Julian Alps, multiple valleys, castles, waterfalls, gorges, clear emerald green rivers, wildlife and a small piece of coast line. All of which I will tell you more in future blog posts.

Our accomodation

Our pile with information for a holiday in Slovenia was quite high now and we decided to go for it. We first started our search for an accomodation. After some research, we noticed that agritourism is a popular way to spend your holiday in Slovenia. Since this was something we never did before, we wanted to try it out.

There were two requirements on our list: a swimming pool and beehives 🙂 we made our selection and finally found our gem Tourist farm Zelinc. This farm dates back to the end of the 14th century and even survived the First and Second World War due to its strategically important military location. Today Jernej and Ursa keep the bed and breakfast open and serve delicious traditional Slovenian food. Oh and they have a pool with the best views ?

What’s next?

In future posts I will take you through our several day trips and activities. I will also publish a city guide on Ljubljana in case you are ever interested in just visiting the capital of Slovenia.