Preparing a trip to New Zealand #2

From 10 December 2016 until 14 January 2017 my boyfriend and I are visiting New Zealand, probably the journey of our lives! We’re planning the trip from A to Z all by ourselves. In these posts I’m taking you through our preparations and personal tips.

Missed part one?

Booking our flights

Booking your flights for a (big) trip, like ours to New Zealand for example, isn’t an easy task. A lot of questions go through your mind: When is the best time to book my flight? Where can I get the best prices? What airlines are trustworthy?

We started off our search for flights to New Zealand in January 2016. We visited Connections for some advice on timing and prices. They told us the fares were going to be available from mid-February so that we had to wait a little bit longer. According to Connections, the plane tickets would cost us about 1200 EUR per person.

The following weeks were ideal for us to look out for the best fares. Eventually we booked our flights with Cathay Pacific via a broker Gotogate. For about 200 EUR less! I wouldn’t recommend booking via Gotogate though, because we had issues with a double booking… (we never experienced these kinds of problems before so that was a stressful situation :-o) But anyway, we managed! So on Saturday 10 December we’re taking off from Paris to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Auckland. A 30 hour trip, YIKES!

Here are the websites we use to look for the best flights en fares:

Don’t forget to check out the airline you consider flying with. Tripadvisor has a dedicated page to reviews of all airlines in the world. Skytrax and Airlineratings can help you out as well.

Tight budget and you want to save a few more? Consider these tips:

  1. Plan your trip in low season: during spring, autumn or winter (non-skiing destinations) prices are significantly lower
  2. Be flexible in timing: airline tickets depend on the time of the week, month and year. Picking other dates or routes can save you a lot of money. The same applies for your hotel booking
  3. Be flexible in location: if you haven’t set your mind to one particular country or city, flexibility can be a savior for your wallet

Vakantiepiraten takes into account all of the above and offers some crazy deals every now and then, keep an eye on their website!

What’s next?

More on our route through New Zealand and our accommodations… exciting! As ever, I will keep you posted 🙂

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  1. Thx for the usefull tips Charlotte! I’m looking forward to the next post. I’m eagerly awaiting the details of the route you’ll take… and afterwards the route you really took. 😉

    • Thank you Glen! 😉 The third part will be online very soon! I will keep you posted.

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