Preparing a trip to New Zealand #4

From 10 December 2016 until 14 January 2017 my boyfriend and I are visiting New Zealand, probably the journey of our lives! We’re planning the trip from A to Z all by ourselves. In these posts I’m taking you through our preparations and personal tips.

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Our activities in New Zealand

So, we booked our flights, car and accommodations. What’s next?

As you might know, New Zealand is bursting with things to do, so deciding on what exactly you want to do could be one of the hardest decisions yet. It all comes down to exploring what you can do in what region. Every city, area or national park in NZ has its own particularities. You should research them and see what activities and places match your interests and preferences.

Before we get started

There are a few things I picked up along the ‘what-things-should-we-do-in-NZ’-road. Here is some advice: your hosts are the best travel guides. Kiwis are supposed to be one of the most welcoming hosts. And even tough we haven’t been there yet, our contact with most of them has been lovely so far. If you’re considering some activities they will give you the best advice on where and when to book. Or they will simply do the booking for you.

I’m not saying a travel guide is not important to guide your way through your trip, on the contrary. Combine it with some good research on 100% Pure New Zealand (the official travel website of NZ) and Tripadvisor, and you’re good to go!

Our activities

Here you go, the activities we booked so far:

  • Hobbiton Movie Set Tour: we thought a lot about this one but others eventually convinced us to #JUSTDOIT (thank you Shia)
  • Paragliding in Queenstown with Gforce: our first glide through open air with spectacular views over the city and its surroundings, exciting!
  • Doubtful Sound boat trip with Go Orange: end of December we are staying at Lake Te Anau. There is a pickup point close to our stay for a day cruise to Doubtful Sound. It’s the bigger and less touristic fiord compared to Milford Sound: the so-called eight wonder of the world.
Paragliding Queenstown


We’re there during high season and these type of activities tend to sell out quickly. So we didn’t want to take the risk and booked them on beforehand. But some discoveries and activities will be left to chance of course 🙂

Other things we are considering to do: a 360° dinner in Auckland’s Sky Tower (dining rooms that rotate every hour with a 360° panoramic view over the city), whale watching in Kaikoura, a walk through Franz Josef Glacier (with a dip in the hot pool afterwards), horse riding on Ninety Mile Beach in the upper north, etc.

Some of our hosts offer their bikes, boogie boards and kayaks for us to use as well.
Enough things to do, that’s for sure! 🙂

What’s next?

Countdown to December 10!!! Breaking in our hiking boots, gathering our stuff and catching the right plane.
Follow our adventure on my Instagram account and wish us good luck! ?

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  1. Chris Blenkinsopp

    Hey, nice meeting you guys next to Patrick’s house…hope you enjoyed NZ!!

    • Hey Chris,

      You kept your promise! 🙂 it was really nice to meet you too. Thanks again for your hospitality and the drinks!
      We loved NZ and we’re already missing it very much 🙁

      Good luck with finishing your home and garden!

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