A night out: the ruin pubs of Budapest

Like I told you in my previous blog post, Budapest is known as the ‘City of Baths’. There’s another thing Budapest is quite known for, and that is its ruin pubs.

‘Ruin pubs?’ Well… during the beginning of the 21st century a lot of tenement houses and factory buildings were turned into bars in the central area of Budapest. They all have a retro feel over them because of the old rejected furniture and all sorts of recycled decorations. They were called ruin pubs ever since.

So what can you expect when entering a ruin pub or bar? During the day there can be an array of cultural activities: from theatre performances to creative workshops. At night you have several rooms with different kinds of music to party to all night long, there are games you can play and a whole range of beverages to taste.

I have mapped out a ruin pub walking tour for you so you can get to know some of the coolest ruin pubs in Budapest.

  1. Ellato kert: a lovely ruin pub to start! One of the more recent ones but the vintage furnishing will make you feel immediately at home. There is foosball table and a kitchen to satisfy your cravings.
  2. Kőleves kert: unlike most other ruin pubs, this one is open air. There is also lovely street art on the neighbouring walls.
  3. Street Food Karavan: this isn’t really a ruin pub, it’s rather a street food market, but it’s worth a stop.
  4. Szimpla kert: the most famous ruin pub of Budapest, definitely worth a visit. Tip: order yourself a shisha, go upstairs to the wine bar or find a cool spot in the courtyard (go for the Mini!)
  5. Alcatraz Garden pub: another open air ruin pub, good for a beer on a hot day.
  6. Extra: more a fancy type of ruin pub. I thought the red umbrellas hanging in the courtyard were really cool.
  7. Füge Udvar: great to play some pinball and have a beer.
  8. Fogasház: a big ruin pub that hosts a lot of cultural activities.
  9. Anker’t: I was quite surprised by this ruin pub: really nice rooms, good music and nicely decorated. I’ll definitely visit it again when I come back to Budapest. It’s a great pub to end your evening! (And it was close to our apartment, ha!)

Give it a spin and let me know what you think, just drop a note below.