Voo Store: from streetwear to high fasion

  • Oranienstraβe 24, 10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
  • U-Bahn: Kottbusser Tor (U1, U8)
  • Bus: Adalbertstr./Oranienstr. (140, M29, N8)
  • http://www.vooberlin.com/ & http://www.companioncoffee.com/

Luring neon lights

I got to know the Voo Store by accident actually 🙂 While I was walking through Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg (Berlin) I noticed a small alley leading to a courtyard where I saw ‘Voo Store’ neon lights glooming. It lured me right in and the shop held me in its power for about two hours. Was there that much to see? Oh yes there was.

Voo Store

The building used to be a locksmith shop and has an industrial look: crumbled white plaster, concrete floor and large windows. But what’s in it is even better! When you enter Voo Store there’s a pile of awesome travel, fashion and interior books on your left. On the right some cool posters, lightbulbs and more books!

And then further in the shop there are just racks and racks of beautiful clothes (the list is endless, have a look at all the brands here) alternating with lovely goodies, agendas, accessories and exclusive perfumes.

But the Voo Store is more than just a shop. They also operate as a platform for music, art, design and fashion and regularly host exhibits, readings, concerts and showcases of new works from various designers and artists.

And just when you feel like leaving for a drink, you notice they have their own coffee shop: Companion Coffee. Could this get any better?

Companion CoffeeTake a break at Companion Coffee

As the website of Shawn Barber and Chris Oston states: with Companion they bring together the aspects of their work that they like best: coffee and tea.

And that’s exactly what they do! Even tough I only tried the tea you notice these guys know all about their field of work. One of them (I don’t know if it was Shawn or Chris) skillfully prepared us some Oolong tea, with a first and second brew. The tea was gentle and very tasteful.

We immediately decided to buy a bag of this Jun Chiyabari tea. Try it out some time!

PS: The concrete tables at Companion Coffee are the coolest!