Welcome to The Barn!

This little brother of The Barn Roastery (Schönhauser Allee 8) is located in the heart of the Gallery district in Berlin, on the corner of Koppenplatz.

  • Auguststraβe 58, 10119 Berlin (Mitte)
  • U-Bahn: Rosenthaler Platz (U8)
  • S-Bahn: Oranienburger Straβe (S1, S2, S25)
  • Bus: Tucholskystr. (142)
  • Tram: Monbijouplatz (M1 and M5)
  • Website The Barn
 The Barn BerlinThe rather small but charming coffee place serves a range of espresso drinks and handbrewed filter coffees. They also offer a variety of cakes and sandwiches. The decor leaves a warm impression because of the wooden finishing.

In other words: the perfect place to warm ourselves with a hot chocolate and flat white!

You notice that The Barn is a fixed value in the neighborhood. In the small half hour we were there a lot of locals came by to buy themselves breakfast while having a little chat with the barista.

The hot chocolate had a pinch of spices in it, which was delicious. The flat white was quite good as well.

I would recommend the place to anyone who is passionate about coffee. And if you long for more after your freshly brewed coffee, you can always treat yourself with a bag of their ‘in-Berlin-roasted’ coffee beans together with the necessary accessories.

The owners have a great philosophy regarding sustainable business. As their own website says:

Our philosophy is to source and roast some of the best coffees available. By paying premium prices we enable coffee farmers to create a sustainable business.

Also regarding how they serve coffee:

Please be aware that we have certain preferences when serving a coffee the way we believe it tastes best. Filter coffees are only served black. We have a preference for no sugar, we don’t serve cold milk in hot drinks and we don’t reheat milk or heat it to a point where the molecule structure has died down. All our milk is perfectly steamed to 58-60 degrees celsius which makes the drink instantly enjoyable. All our drinks are poured with crafted Latte Art.