Stickabush: sneakers, clothing and accessories

Oh yes! I found the Valhalla for sneaker lovers.

Stickabush Berlin sneakers

  • Gipsstrasse 23, 10119 Berlin (Mitte)
  • U-Bahn: Weinmeisterstr. (U8)
  • Bus: Weinmeisterstr. /Gipsstr. (N2, N40, N42, N65)
  • Tram: Weinmeisterstr. / Gipsstr. (M1)

Ok, guilty as charged… I’m one of those people that freak out a little whenever I see a new sneaker model in the windows. And Stickabush (or STAB) has the coolest!

And it’s not that they have hundreds and hundreds of sneakers, just a very nice selection of regular and special ones. I was quite overwhelmed actually; I didn’t know where to look and what to fit first, haha!

Furthermore they sell shirts, jackets, pants and bags from various badass brands like Ben Sherman, Carhartt and Herschel.

Oh, and did I tell you about the accessories?

What actually drew me in to the store were the mobile accessories by Native Union. I started following the Californian brand on Instagram a few weeks before and was pleasantly surprised to see their products in STAB’s window. I love the sleek designs of the iPhone cases and the genius cables and docking stations.

Anyway, a visit I don’t regret. Next time I’m there I should buy myself a new pair of sneakers. The shipping costs are €17 to Belgium 🙁 buuut, if you live in Germany you’re a lucky bastard: all orders over €50 are shipped for free.

Ready for a shopping spree?

PS: Stickabush is close to The Barn, one of the most beloved coffee places in Berlin.