24H West in Amsterdam

24H Amsterdam is an initiative by the City of Amsterdam to get to know the city better. How they do it? Offer guided tours, workshops, concerts in shops, cafés and cultural organisations from 12pm on Saturday to 12pm on Sunday.

In the weekend of 12 and 13 March the City organised the second edition of 24H in 2016, this time in the western part of Amsterdam: 24H West.

In my previous post, I talked you about De Hallen in Amsterdam. In this second (and last) part, I’m continuing my 24H West story in the CityHub hotel and T.I.T.S. store.

CityHub AmsterdamSmallest hotel rooms in the world

After visiting De Hallen, we continued our road to CityHub, which is located right next to it. Their most famous feature is their rooms, or Hubs, that are one of the smallest in the world.

This place is a combination of a hostel and hotel. There are plenty of ways to network with all the guests but you also have your own private cabin, or Hub. Each room has a double bed, an audio streaming system, app-controlled lighting and wifi. Pretty cool, right?

There are about 50 hubs in the whole building. The communal bathrooms are one of the nicest I have ever seen and they provide free towels and shampoo.

But OK, back to 24h West: CityHub held an open house and offered free private concerts in one of the cabins. They made it all cosy with balloons and pennants so it was a really nice experience!

TITS storeEyes on… TITS!

Since about a year, Amsterdam West has a new concept store in its midst: T.I.T.S.

Admit it, this has to be one of the coolest name for a shop so far, don’t you think? 🙂 Even tough it stands for This Is The Shit, the tits are everywhere to be found! Even on the walls and in the clothes.

But seriously, they have some really nice outfits and accessories. Make sure you check it out when you’re around.

During 24h West you could get your own portrait by three different AvierKoerier artists. The lines were pretty long so I didn’t get mine. But either way, it was cool to see art and fashion come together in this small shop.

Next 24H Amsterdam

I definitely recommend you to attend one of the 24H Amsterdam events! It is the perfect way to get to know the Dutch capital. The next edition is on 21 and 22 May. For more information, visit the Iamsterdam website.