Celebrating Autumn (and more) in the Ardennes

Everybody knows the Ardennes is a great place to go to during Autumn or Winter. The region offers extensive forests and rolling hills for you to enjoy. An ideal place to unwind, have walks and read books. And to celebrate my father in law his birthday!

We booked a traditional Ardennes home in a little township called La Comte, just outside Vielsalm. Although the division of the house was a bit odd, it offered all the space and comfort we needed.

We were very lucky with the (probably last) sunny weekend of the year so of course we took a big walk to take the surrounding nature in. Autumn is starting to show its colours so you can imagine how beautiful the scenery was. It shows that our little country offers great places to go to. And Vielsalm is definitely one of them.

Walk via Provedroux

The village of Salmchateau, on the Madeleine bridge (appears in one of the sketches of Victor Hugo)

A cute little doggie that followed us around several times during our walk

And stunning views to end this wonderful weekend in the Ardennes.